I am Lukas Frana

Software and Data Consultant ⋅ Founder of Numoteq and Flowminator

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Lukas Frana

Developer Experience

Showcasing versatility, I leverage machine learning for insightful decisions, craft web apps blending technology and user experience, and design secure, efficient databases.

Machine Learning

I use machine learning for data-driven insights that guide decisions.

  • TensorFlow / KerasTensorFlow / Keras
  • PyTorchPyTorch
  • PandasPandas
  • NumPyNumPy
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I create web apps that blend tech with user experience.

  • TypeScriptTypeScript
  • React / SvelteReact / Svelte
  • Express / FastifyExpress / Fastify
  • Remix / Next.jsRemix / Next.js
  • Prisma / DrizzlePrisma / Drizzle
  • Tailwind CSSTailwind CSS
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I design databases for secure, efficient data storage.

  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • SQLiteSQLite
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • RedisRedis
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Business Initiatives

Highlighting businesses I've initiated as well as those I've engaged with closely, portraying my diverse roles in shaping successful ventures.

Founder of Numoteq

"Numoteq operates as a software development company specializing in the creation of web and cloud applications, with a distinct focus on pioneering technologies.

The team comprises highly skilled developers, designers, and product managers, dedicated to delivering remarkable solutions, including machine learning services."

Web & Cloud Application Development and Machine Learning Services

Co-founder of Flowminator

"Flowminator introduces a SaaS product aimed at transforming managerial efficiency. The platform empowers managers with streamlined processes and automated workflows.

Through the innovative no-code platform, users can swiftly construct and deploy web applications, enhancing operational capabilities."

Workflow Automation and No-Code Web App Development

Partner of Altais

"Altais functions as a versatile software development company specializing in tailored solutions. From web and mobile apps to hardware development and medical databases, comprehensive coverage is offered.

The team, consisting of seasoned developers, designers, and experts, is dedicated to realizing unique projects."

Custom Software Development, Hardware and Medical Databases

Advisor of Forloop.ai

"In the capacity of an advisor for Forloop.ai, my involvement revolves around an innovative no-code platform meticulously designed to enhance the landscape of external data automation.

The platform's performance showcases a noteworthy 5x acceleration in the generation of AI data pipelines, outperforming conventional methods."

No-Code Platform for External Data Process Automation

Projects Orchestrated

Over the course of my journey, I've successfully contributed to a multitude of intricate projects, each a testament to my commitment and expertise.

Golf Information System

Golf Information System

Golf Club Hodkovičky

A comprehensive software solution managing players, reservations, field hardware, cashflow, items, pricing, reception, and more for the Golf Club Hodkovičky.

Medical Database

Medical Database

Czech Lymphoma Study Group

An intricate system designed to store patient data, records, forms, and facilitate advanced data analysis with robust export options and security-focused permissions for the Czech Lymphoma Study Group.

Websites Branding

Websites Branding

Various Clients

A collection of diverse websites tailored for a range of clients, reflecting unique branding and functionality requirements.

Parking Application

Parking Application

Labs 1503

An app streamlining parking processes: automated plate scanning, porter notifications, QR code-based vehicle retrieval, and seamless coordination between drivers and attendants for Labs 1503.